Colinas Verdes Residential Estates  and Country Club

Live in a first-class community with first-class amenities!

WHY WORRY every time it rains? 

Build your DREAM HOUSE in a FLOOD-FREE area in San Jose del Monte City!

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Sample Computation for Lot Only

Current Lot  Price for:
Inner Lot - Starts at 13,000 to 21,500 per sqm
Corner Lot - Starts at 13,500 to 22,000 per sqm
NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

You can  request for a FREE SAMPLE COMPUTATION 

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Initial Documentary/Reservation Requirements:

  •  copies of 2 government-issued valid IDs (husband and wife if married) Ex. driver's license, SSS ID
  • PRC ID, passport, Philhealth ID, 
  •  copy of marriage contract (if married)
  •  2 original and latest proof of billings with the same address at Philippine address (Electric bill, water bill, telephone bill, utility bills)  not necessarilly under buyer's name and must be dated within the last 3 months
  • Tax Identification No. (TIN), if none, copy of Birth Certificate

Additional Requirements for Buyers Working/Residing Abroad  & Unable to Sign Documents:

  •  Special Power of Attorney (Notarized or consularized)
  •  Passport (Photocopy Only)
  •  Government-issued valid ID's of the Representative or Authorized person